ROBLOX has released three Despicable Me 2 themed stuff! Let's go over them.

Catalog Items
Two out of these three things are in the Catalog. One is a hat, and the other is a 1-week rental gear. They're both on sale for 1 Tix each, so 2 Tix in total. The items will go off sale on the morning of July 6th. Here are the two items:
Minion Goggles
On-site Stuff
The third update released is a promotional page for Despicable Me 2, which contains a Despicable Me 2 game, a trailer, links to the catalog items, and a description of what the movie is about. It can be found from the More drop-down menu. Click this sentence to view this page.

That's basically it, thanks for reading! Share this with your friends if you're excited for Despicable Me 2!

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